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Ahealthy spirit lives in a healthy body – AnimaSana In Corpore Sano: This is what ASICS has represented for 70 years.
Whenthe Japanese Kihachiro Onitsuka established the company Onitsuka Tiger in 1949,he had a vision: he wanted to manufacture sport shoes which would help sportenthusiasts all over the World to achieve their personal targets in a healthyway as well as having fun by having the very best equipment.
Inthe meantime, out of this small shoe manufacturer has become a largeenterprise, which has followed this philosophy for more than six decades:ASICS. 

Thename ASICS traditionally stands for Exceptional sport equipment and a very specialconnection to sport and athletes.

Thisall takes place with a very clear target: Continuous innovative andrevolutionary technologies – for tennis shoes and sport textiles which willenable you in your own personal way to progress safely with a healthy spirit ina healthy body.